Longhua Temple in Shanghai

On the first day of the monkey year, we visited the Buddhist Longhua Temple in Shanghai.

We made a short video of our visit, and included some interesting facts about the history and rituals at the temple.


Longhua Temple Shanghai


Eyes on You unleashed

Welcome to our blog. This is where we will share the things we love and hate, our creations and ideas about making a better world.

We are 2 designers living in Shanghai.

Daniela comes from Colombia and is a graphic designer, photographer, illustrator and above all a warm-blooded Latin-American woman with a passion for design and textiles.

Sjors has grown up in the Netherlands where he finished his masters in Industrial Design Engineering. He likes technology, movies and reading and has a European pragmatic approach in his work.

We have completely different backgrounds, but we share the love for each other, nature, food and all other beautiful things this world has to offer.